The Time I Got Free Beer Whilst Buying My Wife A Christmas Gift


Sometimes stereotypes are unkind and unfair. However, in my case the stereotype of “the husband who leaves Christmas shopping to the last minute” was totally justified. It was December 24th and I still had not bought my wife anything for Christmas…

This is a story with a happy ending: How I scored all this free craft beer whilst buying a last minute Christmas present for my wife.

I was not perturbed – I had a few gift ideas and had successfully escaped delivered from this position many times before. I needed to buy a few perishables for Christmas lunch so I picked the closest shopping centre that would offer both gifting and grocery options.

Forty minutes later I was back home – mission accomplished. I had the groceries and not one but three gifts for my wife (a small one from each of our daughters and a large one from me). In addition, the presents were already wrapped (a complementary gift wrapping service is mandatory when I go Christmas shopping).

Christmas day and all was still good. I had splashed out on the 900W Nutribullet (not just any old blender would do for my wife’s daily green smoothie). Unfortunately, when the gift was properly examined the following day, it was evident that the box had already been opened and some of the components were missing. Pretty irritating but at least my wife got something to open on Christmas day.

Since I’d previously had a bad experience with the same store, I decided that someone else deserved my hard-earned money.  I took the NutriBullet back for a refund and, without the constraint of time pressure, went online and did some proper research. It turned out that was having a special and had the same item R400 cheaper. Being a diligent husband, I immediately proceeded to the checkout. On doing so a pop-up appeared promising “20% off” your next order when signing-up for Visa Checkout.

Now the NutriBullet is a top of the range product commanding a top of the range price and I figured I would not be buying anything more expensive than a NutriBullet in the foreseeable future. Therefore, it was simple logic to buy something else using Visa Checkout, get the 20% discount and then use the discount on the big ticket item.

As luck would have it YuppieChef also stock an excellent range of craft beers. Even luckier was that they were on special. Limiting myself to just two cases, I paid using Visa Checkout and the 20% discount arrived in my mailbox shortly thereafter. A 900W NutriBullet was quickly added to the virtual basket and, after the 20% discount was applied, a further R520 discount was scored (which more than covered the cost of the beer).

Everything arrived a few days later and you will be pleased to know that my wife is enjoying her daily NutriBullet-blended green smoothies (and that I still have some beer left to drink).

I’ve certainly learned my lesson… The early bird might get the worm but the late present buying husband gets free craft beer. Now I just have to work out how to repeat this feat every year!

Note: This article was not paid for nor do I have any affiliation (other than as a regular consumer) with YuppieChef. I have ordered products from them on several occasions and have always found their products and service to be exceptional.

To view their NutriBullet range go here (the 900W item is still on special at the time of writing).

To view their Craft Beer selection go here.

To view details of the 20% discount Visa Checkout offer go here (offer still available at time of writing).


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