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Link for live streaming from 6:45am GMT+2 (dive off @ 7am):

Despite not owning a bike or having swum lengths in 15 years I will be attempting a full Home IronMan on Saturday 4 April. At least I’ve got the marathon running thing covered!

The event will be live streamed (link to follow) and I plan to include some general Running Mann wackiness into the days proceedings (as stamina allows).

Full Details

Basic concept: Guy who runs a marathon every weekend attempts to do a ‘Home Ironman’ during coronavirus lockdown

Logistics: 3.86km swim (351 lengths of an 11m pool); 180.25km ride on an exercise bike; 42.2km run (325 laps of a 65m x 2 driveway)

Date: Saturday, 4 April, 7am to Late

Contact info: Stuart Mann /

The cause: Raise money for High School & Tertiary education for high aptitude children who would otherwise not have access to a decent education. This is a charity I have personally supported for 13 years. 100% of the money goes to the learner’s education and they also receive extra tutoring, etc. They have achieved spectacular results (both of the learners I’ve sponsored through high school passed matric with an ‘A’ aggregate)

Quick weblinks to the charity (full details at end of article): Just the One Foundation who educate high aptitude learners from currently underprivileged backgrounds through the Alexandra Education Committee.

Corporate donation ask: Any corporate that sponsors will be highlighted and mentioned by name (all donations welcome but suggested corporate minimum donation R5 000)

First corporate donation: Galileo Risk, who have previously supported the sponsored Two Oceans and Comrades entries for cash-strapped runners initiative, immediately came on board with a R10 000 donation. Galileo Risk founder Hayden Simpson has confirmed he will join in by doing a 180km ride in support of Home Ironman

Other confirmed corporate donors: Thanks to 4c Recruitment who have confirmed that they will donating R5,000.

Individual donation ask: I am requesting that individual donors consider donating the race fee for a cancelled event that they would have entered or an amount equal to the weekly petrol / transport cost that is not being incurred during lockdown.

Participate yourself: It would be great for people join in the ‘Home Ironman’ challenge on 4 April with a home cardio activity or a mini (or maybe even full) Home Ironman attempt themselves. Keep things fun and do a IronMan relay with friends and family. My street WhatsApp group decided this morning to all do a 2km run on Saturday to get a total street distance of 42.2km.

Donation methods:

Note: Section 18a certificates for the tax man issued on request.

About the ‘Running Mann’: Stuart Mann is an Agile Coach in a large corporate by day and an obsessive marathon runner by early morning. The Running Mann has run over 240 marathons and ultras (including 10 Comrades and 17 Two Oceans). He is most of the way there to achieving his current mission of running every marathon in South Africa. He is a prodigious writer with a popular blog, monthly column in South Africa’s largest running publication (Modern Athlete) and a regular contributor of athletics articles to Sport24. He is a father (two girls), husband (one wife) and a trainee feminist. Stuart’s lifetime ambition is to secure a beer sponsor. The Running Mann’s adventures can be followed on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram & on his blog.

Full details on the charities

About Alexandra Education Committee

The AEC’s primary focus is to raise funds to provide bursaries for quality education for high aptitude currently disadvantaged children living in Alexandra. With the funds raised we are able to sponsor 176 children and pay for their school fees, transport, school uniforms, text books, stationery and one meal a day. Essentially, the bursary allows the child to focus on their studies and achieve excellent results. We are proud to say that our bursars have achieved close to a 100% pass rate since 1996!

2019 Matric Results

We achieved a 100% pass rate in the IEB and NSC matric exams. Moreover, 36 of the 41 pupils writing (88%) achieved a university entrance (Bachelors Diploma).

46 subject A grades were achieved.

Our Purpose

At AEC we believe that true potential is released through education, hence our purpose is to provide excellent education and psychosocial support for school children from disadvantaged backgrounds in and around Alexandra Township. By focusing our efforts on the children and youth of the community, we know that the next generation will be more empowered to create and embrace lasting positive changes. A prosperous Alexandra leads to a better South Africa for all.

Selection Of Bursary Recipients

During their grade 6 year, potential AEC bursars are carefully selected from 19 primary schools in and around Alexandra, Johannesburg. In their grade 7 year, these potential bursary candidates attend Saturday School in English and Maths. Top performers are then offered bursaries for their entire high school careers. They are also provided with uniforms, transport money, text books, stationery and food. Additional needs such as eye-glasses, urgent medical visits and field trips are also considered. We focus on supporting their psycho-social, economic and clinical needs so they can focus on excelling. After all, excellence emerging from adversity is the bedrock of our nation.

Our History

The Alexandra Education Committee (AEC), was founded in 1996 by Deane Yates. It is a proven and well-managed school bursary scheme, where promising learners from Alexandra, Johannesburg, are provided with quality secondary school education. In addition to being put through high school, learners are given extensive support through our Saturday and holiday programmes,  counselling and mentorship, as well as extra lessons in subjects they find challenging.  The AEC also runs monthly maths and English development workshops for primary school teachers in Alexandra.  The AEC is a registered PBO (930-000-698) and NPO (025-968). The Constitution was upgraded in 2012 and is upheld by a professional Council and dedicated Sub-Committees.

The History Of Alexandra

Alexandra is the oldest South African township, having started as a small enclave in 1912 and eventually developing into one of the most vibrant communities in South Africa with a population of over 500 000. It has been described by Nelson Mandela as “exhilarating and precarious”. The area has consistently seen a high unemployment rate, with 2004 figures estimating a 63%. Of course the unemployment rates also deepen the poverty level in the township and leave many households unable to provide for their most basic needs.

More Information

About Just the One Foundation (JTOF)

Just The One Foundation (JTOF) was founded in 2011 as a non-profit organisation (NPO). JTOF has a core interest in the education and social development sectors. They currently support 5 high school and 5 university learners with a full education bursary. In addition, JTO provide a mentorship program which includes additional learners on bursaries from private donors.

Five scholars have completed matric to date through JTOF bursaries. All five passed with university exemption and a total of ten subject As were achieved.

Two of the first sponsored learners currently sit on the JTO board. These are Corine Malahlela who is currently studying her fourth year in actuarial science and Pitsi Tsebe who is a third year marketing student.

It costs approximately R250,000 to secure the full high school education of one child (which includes books, uniforms, one meal a day and additional weekend classes).

JTOF are confident that creating access to quality education is the key to ensuring a sustainable future for all South Africans. When JTOF was launched, they formed a partnership with the Alexandra Education Committee (AEC). The AEC exists to provide bursaries for academically promising students from low-income households in one of the poorest urban areas of Johannesburg, Alexandra.


How we would like to make a meaningful impact is with our mentorship program. Growing with our scholars insuring they have every chance to make to leap from school to university and university to the workplace. This gives them additional support for the challenges they feel they are facing and someone to talk to. We encourage and drive our Just the One Foundation Membership to reach out to our Scholars to become mentors and try and link the right mentor to the right scholar


To be a leading NPO supporting the growth of sustainable education in South Africa


To empower talented individuals through education and mentorship to become leaders for future generations in South Africa – Serving tomorrow, today!


Creating opportunities for talented young South Africans to have access to quality education that they deserve in order for them to grow into strong South African leaders.


Currently we have five students going through school and five at university. Our aim is to add a new child every year.

Promotional videos of our scholars talking about the foundation

More Information


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