Harry Potter & the Quest for True Business Value (Video + Slide Deck)


Here is the slide deck and video presentation from an online talk delivered at the Business Agility Gauteng meetup on 16 July 2020.

Slide Deck: Harry Potter and the Quest for True Business Value

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Presentation Elevator Pitch

Humans are terrible at using experience, intuition and expert opinion to predict benefits – but we don’t realise it! Organisations that track outcomes find that just 1 in 3 features result in a benefit. The presentation covers why chasing outcomes is much better than delivering outputs and uses analogy, storytelling and real-life examples to illustrate all concepts covered.

Topics covered

  • Explains Kohavi’s Law – namely, that only one change in three will yield a positive result.
  • Uses the story of Harry Potter to highlight how useless our expert opinion and intuition are when predicting value.
  • Discusses the low priority change that sat on the backlog for over six months but ended up making Microsoft Bing $100 million a year in additional revenue.
  • Examines various practical examples showing how most organisations usually focus on volume (output) rather than value (outcome) and the pitfalls thereof.
  • Provides a practical example of how to use and evolve feature hypotheses – and ‘pivot’ / adjust your priorities based on the outcomes achieved.
  • Tackles the often-misunderstood concept of “What is an MVP?”
  • Highlights that it’s not the features you build but how many experiments you run that will determine the success of your business.

All to the backdrop of Harry Potter and a special spellbook to help get all concepts across.

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