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If you’re doing PI (or Big Room) Planning across multiple geographies, it can be a challenge to schedule the event around public holidays and other events. I’ve enhanced the standard “ART and Team Events Calendar” spreadsheet that Scaled Agile provides within their “PI Planning Toolkit” to allow for much better visibility and customisation of dates.

Downloadable Excel Template


[There is a downloadable version with the file with 2023 holidays added at the end of the article.] 

The key enhancements are:

Comprehensive Customisation of PI Duration and PI Planning Event Dates

In the picture below, we extended the end date of the first PI by 5 days to allow for team members to return from the summer holidays in South Africa. In this example, PI 2 is only 5 iterations long to avoid doing PI Planning over the Easter holidays and PI 5 is 9 iterations long because there are 3 “dead” iterations over the December / January long holidays in South Africa.

Note: If you wanted to only do a one-week IP iteration you could enter a value of “-5”.

Customise PI Planning dates and durations.

Customisation of Terminology

If you prefer using “Sprints” to “Iterations” or “Big Room Planning” to “PI Planning” you can dynamically set these naming conventions – and these will display on all column headings and calculated fields.

Customise the terminology used in your organisation.

Detailed Calendar View

This displays a 400-day planning view. The date range can be customised by entering the desired start date in cell B2.

You can customise the date range of the detailed plan by setting the start date (indicated in a green highlight).

The view allows you to ensure that PI Planning events are not held over public holidays. In the picture below you can see that the PI Planning 2 event avoids Martin Luther King Jr. day in the USA and Republic Day in India.

The detailed plan view allow you to avoid running PI Planning over public holidays.

Public Holidays that are not confirmed (like Eid) are clearly highlighted.

Provisional / unconfirmed public holidays are highlighted in orange.

Configure Public Holidays Relevant to your Organisation

You can capture all the public holidays and events that are relevant to your organisation and these display in the detailed calendar view. The template file available for download in this post includes Belarus, India, Philippines, South Africa, and USA as well as Jewish holidays (we have a very distributed delivery model!). You can add in product launch or major milestone (e.g. industry tradeshow) dates as well.

Configure the public holidays, milestones and events that are relevant to your organisation.

Here’s a quick video navigating you through the spreadsheet tool.

If you have ideas for enhancements feel free to give me a shout on LinkedIn or Twitter (happy to connect and I always follow back).

Below is a version of the calculator with the 2023 public holidays added.

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  1. Hey Stuart – are you going to update this with 2023 information? I have come to rely on your calculator! It is the best 🙂

  2. Thanks for the effort in putting this together. I’m new to the whole SAFe process so this will greatly assist me in planning. But one question, when I try using the Excel file, I receive an error about an external file that could not be loaded, and data linked from this file did not get updated. The file name is Context_and_Backlog(version 2).xlsb. Is there something I need to do to get this to work? Thanks again.

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