Announcement: Home IronMan Attempt


Link for live streaming from 6:45am GMT+2 (dive off @ 7am):

Despite not owning a bike or having swum lengths in 15 years I will be attempting a full Home IronMan on Saturday 4 April. At least I’ve got the marathon running thing covered!

The event will be live streamed (link to follow) and I plan to include some general Running Mann wackiness into the days proceedings (as stamina allows).

Full Details

Basic concept: Guy who runs a marathon every weekend attempts to do a ‘Home Ironman’ during coronavirus lockdown

Logistics: 3.86km swim (351 lengths of an 11m pool); 180.25km ride on an exercise bike; 42.2km run (325 laps of a 65m x 2 driveway)

Date: Saturday, 4 April, 7am to Late

Contact info: Stuart Mann / Continue reading “Announcement: Home IronMan Attempt”