Kobenhaven Marathon, Denmark (Marathoning with Mermaids)

[Marathon #73 / 18 May 2008]

Copenhagen is located on the island of Sealand and is the largest city in Scandinavia, and it was the venue for my coming of age (21st) international marathon. That’s not a bad achievement just under three years after completing my first foreign race in Prague, especially considering that only two of the 21 were planned more than a few weeks in advance. (Ah, the joys of last-minute work travel.) Continue reading “Kobenhaven Marathon, Denmark (Marathoning with Mermaids)”


Om Die Dam: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

[MARATHON #181 / 10th Om Die Dam / 17 MARCH 2018]

Running Om Die Dam is a bit like having kids:

  • Some people have one kid and decide that’s enough;
  • Quite a few people have one kid, take a few years to recuperate before having another (and maybe squeeze out one more after that) – but then they’re done for good, knowing with certainty that that’s enough;
  • Some people stick to “recreational running”, deciding never to have kids after seeing the haggard and traumatised faces of friends with kids and hearing their tired tales of endurance;
  • But then there are those crazy people who just keep popping out kids year after year. I am one of those crazy people – having just popped out my 10th Om Die Dam.
Proud recipient of permanent #1295 after popping out my 10th Om Die Dam.

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The Time I Got Free Beer Whilst Buying My Wife A Christmas Gift


Sometimes stereotypes are unkind and unfair. However, in my case the stereotype of “the husband who leaves Christmas shopping to the last minute” was totally justified. It was December 24th and I still had not bought my wife anything for Christmas…

This is a story with a happy ending: How I scored all this free craft beer whilst buying a last minute Christmas present for my wife.

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